Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Urban Decay NAKED!

I buckled down and bought the Holy Grail of browns and coppers! 

I bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette. And may I say, that I am in love! I thought that this may be a bit steep at $58 (Canadian, I think its 44 in the US) but I had a 10 off coupon for anything in Shoppers drug mart.  They sell some high end brands as well as the drugstore stuff.

With his Palette you get 12 fantastic shades that are a combination of Matte and Shimmer. They also include 4 shade that are only in the NAKED Palette. And you also get two dark shades that can be used to make a smokey eye and a few light shades that can be used as a highlight or a base. 

You get a flat eye shadow brush that is super soft and great for packing on color. As well, you get a small size Primer Potion in a beige shade.

As you can see there is a large range of colors! I did some swatching! All the colors are warm and inviting and easy to blend with each other. You could easily use this palette and some mascara and be able to do your entire look. You could use the light shade for your highlight and he darker shades for liners. You could use the matte shades to do a natural eye and he simmer shades to do a more bold eye!

This is the best one step palette that i have ever had!


The palette come with a mini 7.5 oz bottle of Primer Potion. I love the bottle I comes in. I always think if the queen in chess when I see it. 

The primer is really great but I do think that it may be a little expensive to buy on its own. I think its around 18 bucks US for the full version. I have tried many types of primers and I think the lower priced one are the same. I think the NYX HD Primer is just as good and about half the price. 

I used this palette yesterday and did a dramatic eye look that I had seen on EmilyNoel83's YouTube page.

I think it turned out really nice. The pics don't do it justice as I took these at the end of the day. 

I suggest everyone get this palette. It has to be the most universal palette that I have ever had and the most user friendly as well. 

All in all I think its totally worth the money!


You can check Emily's video out HERE

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