Thursday, November 17, 2011

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Books

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Books

When I saw these from ELF I knew that I had to get them and try them out. There is a warm collection which is pictured above and a cool collection. I'm going to talk about them both.

The Warm Collection

As you can see this palette is fantastic for natural looks and more smokey looks.

I adore the Eye shadows which range from the light creamy colored shades at the top to the deeper browns near the bottom right side. There is also a few shades to mix it up like the Irish green near the middle and the redish-plum shades. These can be used to get a more dramatic.

The lipstick shades are great also. There is a great range from a few nudes to more deep reds. There are also a few pinks that can be great worn with a more neutral eye.

The Cool Collection

This is the cool collection. I think of this as the bright collection.

I think this may be my favorite collection. I love a colorful eye. This collection has three blacks that can be used with any of the colors to make a great smokey eye. And the lipsticks are pink and bright and fun. I love the large range of pinks and purple eye shadows.  There are a few colors that are great so a feminine soft and pretty look. I would use the pale pinks/gray that are in he top right column. It would be very soft and pretty.

So here is the skinny.You get 28 Shadows and 20 lipsticks. The quality is great. I love the lipsticks. They are very smooth and pigmented. The eye shadows are very pigmented as well and the blend super easily.

All in all for 5.00 these are great.


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