Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 Everyday Items TAG

I recently saw a few people doing the 5 everyday items TAG on YouTube and I thought I would blog about my 5 everyday use items. These items are items I always use unless i'm using something else so i can review it at a later date. 

1. Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro (002) 

This is my favorite primer and I use it almost everyday. It's super smooth and isn't sticky. It minimizes lines and pores while making a great barrier between my moisturizer and my foundation. At about 7 bucks a pop this primer is just as good as any of the higher end products that you would spend 30 bucks for. 

2. Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Buff)

I always have a hard time finding a medium-Full coverage foundation that fits me perfect. This one does. I seem to be too light for normal shades and too pinkish for others. Colorstay in Buff works perfect for my skin tone. It's a full coverage foundation that blends great and is easy on the skin with SPF 15.  I have the Normal to dry sky but it also comes in an oily formula. At about 19 bucks I think its affordable and the amount  of product you get compared to amount you need to use per application makes sending the 19 bucks totally worth it. All in all, I love it!

3. IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face

I use this palette all the time. If you've never seen or used it Emilynoel83 on YouTube has a eat tutorial on how to use this product. This Palette come with  highlights, one matte and one shimmer. It also comes with 4 contour shades.  I use the two lightest shades to contour my cheek, forehead and nose everyday. I don't have the most prominent cheek bones so i like to give them a little boost. At about 38 bucks this palette is great! The instructional booklet show you how to give things a boost like your cheeks or to hide things like a double chin! 

4. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer (Sunny)

I always use Sunny on my face as a little punch of all over color. I often use it instead of blush when i'm going for a fresh minimal look. This is one of the few bronzes that doesn't make my pale skin look orange. I think it cost about 6 bucks. Totally worth it! 

5. NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
 I've talked about this a few times now when i'm doing a look post. As you have previously read I adore this eyelid primer. I have paired this against some of the best high end products and it definitely holds up! Its my go to product when doing my eyes! 

These are just a few of my GoTo everyday Products! I encourage you to tell me some of your top 5 items! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. I know, I Know, Its not even Dec 1st yet. Since I am almost done, I went to Walmart last night to pick up stocking a few items and i had a thought to do a post on what I would love to see in my stocking. I hope this gives you some insight on what other lovely ladies in your life would like in theirs. 

Makeup Brush sets are great for stocking stuffers. I picked up these Eco Tools brushes at Walmart for about 6 bucks each. Eco tools are great for the environment while being great quality too. I picked up a concealer brush and a foundation brush. 

The concealer brush is great but I thought of using it as an eye shadow brush because its small and round tipped. It would be great for packing on color. The foundation brush is great too. Its super soft and I used it today to put my foundation on and its blends really well. 

I also picked up these brush cleaning wipes from Sally Beauty Supply for about 7 bucks. They are awesome for doing in between cleanings when you don't have the time to go to the sink They are really gentle and super gentle on the brushes. 

I would be ecstatic to get a few brushes and wipes in my stocking!

ELF's Beauty Manuals are a great idea for a stocking stuffer. The little books come with 12 shadows, an eyeliner and a double ended applicator. These little palette also come with detailed instruction on how to create a specific eye look. I have them in bright and natural. They also come in smokey and and everyday. 

These are great little gifts and a great price. 5.00 each! Who can beat that?

If a lady in your life is a hard candy fan these are great and just a few of the options available at your local Walmart. I picked up these cute lip gloss rings for 1.00 each. The lip gloss is OK but I can complain when paying a buck each. 

I also picked up some Glamoflauge! This is by far the most industrial concealer around. I love it when I have an occasional blemish or when my face is a little red. The amount of product you get is great. It only takes a small pearl size amount to do both under eyes and around your nose, so this tube will last along time. At 7.00 bucks a tube it's a great little item to put in a basket or stocking. 

I would be super grateful for any of these little items in my sticking and I hope this helps you figure out what you will put in your loved ones stocking.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Urban Decay's Ammo Palette Review

I've had the Urban Decay Ammo for a while now and I thought I would make today's post a bit of a reviewtorial. 

This palette runs around 40 bucks depending on where you buy it. You can find it on for $38.00. The palette shown below has 10 shadows and two eye shadow wands. 

When I first saw this palette I loved it. Not only does it have a few BRIGHT shades like Shattered and Last Call, It has some great neutrals like Smog and Sin. These can be great for making a smokey eye. I would pair Last Call with Smog and Sin for a soft feminine look. If you have the NAKED Palette you already have these shades but you could never have too much of them. 

I wore this palette yesturday and I used Shattered and Oil slick to do a slightly smokey look. 

After putting on my Foundation, Concealer and Powder I used my NYX HD eye shadow primer all over my lid. 

I applied Polyester Bride to the inner corner of my eye and under the inner corner of my lower lashes to brighten my eyes.

I applied Shattered all over my eyelid and blended it into the corner with the Polyester Bride shade. 

Using a small crease brush (My favorite is the ELF pro crease brush 1.00 on ELF's website.) I applied Oil Slick to my crease and worked it up into an outter v.  Using a blending brush I blended the colors together to make a softer look. I also softened the edges.

I topped my eyes with a thick line of Maybelline Master Drama Liner in black and two coats of Revlon Grow Luscious mascara. 

I love how it turned out. It's soft but has a punch of color too. 

This palette Rocks. I love the range of colors and the quality of Urban Decay is great. UD's shadows are pigmented and smooth. They blend ultra easy and are put together in palettes that work together perfectly. 

The Ammo palette is a great starter palette for anyone who hasn't had a lot of experience with Urban Decay. 

I suggest everyone try out Urban Decay at least once. 

What do you think of this look? Is there a look or product that you would like to see or have a review on? Drop me a line in the comments section and ill see what I can do!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sample Love

If your reading my blog on a regular basis you already know that I love samples! They are a great way of trying new products without having to buy the full size. 

This week I've got bunch of new samples!

Benefit "That Girl"
I got this in a three pack sample set with the Pore-Fessional and the Stay don't Stray Called "One Prime Day" which can be found on "That Girl" is a face brightening primer that you can use all over your face.  The full size is 29.00 and can be bought on or on

Ive been using this for a few days now and I really like it. Its great to use after your moisturizer and before your makeup. The product is a salmon pink tone and is great to use as the first defense against dark circles while priming your face. is it worth the 29 bucks? I think so. Its super silky and a great primer.

Benefit The PORE-fessional
PORE-fessional is a PORE minimizing balm that can be worn on its own as well as under or over your makeup. It has vitamin E and is a beige-ish tone that blends well for all skin types and tones. I've used this for the last few days as well and I kinda like it. I notice that it did make my pores less noticeable but it also helped with shine. Would I pay the full size price of 29.00? I think so. You don't need much when applying it so I think the full size would last quite a while. I have asked for it to be in my stocking this year. :)

Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Benefits website calls this a duel primer for both Shadows and Concealers. It got me thinking. Why cant I use my regular primer as a concealer primer under my eyes for when i want to use a powder concealer? It's worth looking into for sure. 

I've used the Stay Don't Stay for a few days now and I have to say that while it works really well. I don't know if I would pay 26.00 bucks for a full size. It works great and the full size is 10.00 ML so the size is great. But with 26 bucks I could buy 3 of the NYX HD eyelid primer, which I love! 

All in All, great primer, but is it worth it? I'm unsure. 

All three of hese products can be bought together is a pack on Sephora.con HERE for 10.00 which is what i did. Its called One Prime Day! 

Smashbox Photo Finish 
Smash Box Photo Finish was my go to primer before I started using the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro. I had it in the Original which was a clear color while the sample I have is the one with Dermaxyl Complex which is slight pink.Apricot tone. Smash box has the silkiest primer I have ever touched and it works as a great barrier before your makeup. As soon as you put it on you can see a difference in your complexion. It smooths and refines your pores and makes your makeup blend so much more. 

You can pick up the Demaxyl Complex formula at as well as all the other types of Smashbox Photo Finish for 36-38 dollars. 

Per-Fekt Brown Gel
I got this sample when I bought some stuff from Sephora. I really like it. I have dark eyes and dark brows so I often find that some brow gels can dry kind of light. I really like this one in the Caramel color. I usually fill my brown in with the Milani brow fix and top them off with this to hold their shape. 

This gel has some great stuff in it too! Sephora's website says that it has Anti-oxidents, Honey Suckle and Sage oils. That sounds good to me! 

This product is great but the full size on Sephora is 22 bucks for 0.15 ounces. That doesnt seem like much product for 22.00 bucks. 

Would I buy it again? Even though its a great product I don't think it's worth 22 of my hard earned dollars. 

Coastal Scents Mineral Eye Shadow
I placed an order with Coastal Scents and it arrived the other day with this little sample of the mineral powder eye shadow.

I threw out the little tag that said the name of the color. It's a really light green color. I can see myself using it as a base but its not a bright. It would also make a great highlight around the inner corner of the eye. I've looked on and I cant find the name. OOOPS!

These are the Samples that I've gotten this week! Some are great and some are not so great. 

Do you have a sample or a product that i should try? Let me know!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Urban Decay NAKED!

I buckled down and bought the Holy Grail of browns and coppers! 

I bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette. And may I say, that I am in love! I thought that this may be a bit steep at $58 (Canadian, I think its 44 in the US) but I had a 10 off coupon for anything in Shoppers drug mart.  They sell some high end brands as well as the drugstore stuff.

With his Palette you get 12 fantastic shades that are a combination of Matte and Shimmer. They also include 4 shade that are only in the NAKED Palette. And you also get two dark shades that can be used to make a smokey eye and a few light shades that can be used as a highlight or a base. 

You get a flat eye shadow brush that is super soft and great for packing on color. As well, you get a small size Primer Potion in a beige shade.

As you can see there is a large range of colors! I did some swatching! All the colors are warm and inviting and easy to blend with each other. You could easily use this palette and some mascara and be able to do your entire look. You could use the light shade for your highlight and he darker shades for liners. You could use the matte shades to do a natural eye and he simmer shades to do a more bold eye!

This is the best one step palette that i have ever had!


The palette come with a mini 7.5 oz bottle of Primer Potion. I love the bottle I comes in. I always think if the queen in chess when I see it. 

The primer is really great but I do think that it may be a little expensive to buy on its own. I think its around 18 bucks US for the full version. I have tried many types of primers and I think the lower priced one are the same. I think the NYX HD Primer is just as good and about half the price. 

I used this palette yesterday and did a dramatic eye look that I had seen on EmilyNoel83's YouTube page.

I think it turned out really nice. The pics don't do it justice as I took these at the end of the day. 

I suggest everyone get this palette. It has to be the most universal palette that I have ever had and the most user friendly as well. 

All in all I think its totally worth the money!


You can check Emily's video out HERE

Monday, November 21, 2011

Manic-ure Monday!

It's Monday! Monday is when i usually change my nail polish for the week. I figured I would share with you what i'm wearing and a few other Nail Polish things that are really great! 

What i'm wearing:

I'm wearing LA Colors in Transformer. It's a really nice cherry red. I'm wearing two coats in the pic above but if I had my time back I think I would do a third. I would like it to be a bit deeper, but I still really like the color. 

I picked this up at my local Shoppers Drug Mart at the cost of $1.54 The packaging says it has hardeners in it and I have found that it dries really fast. So, that's a good deal to me. I featured this and man other colors in my MINI HAUL post o check that outto see the other colors i picked up. 

I've been seeing a few really cool nail ideas n the web this week and i decided that i would show you guys some. 
  • Mustache Nails - I found these on and I fell in love with them They are definitely on my to do list! Here's the link to check them out! I love them! Unfortunately they don't say how they did it, So I'll have to wing it. 
  • Sophisticated Bling - These are just SO pretty! I almsot never wear glitter because at almost 30, I feel as though I maybe getting a bit old for it. BUT, this is a great way to have a bit of glitter in a sophisticated way. Check them out HERE

  • OPI - Suzi Skies in Suede Suzi / Orly Metal Chic in Iron Butterfly & Zoya Dovima - This isn't a link but a shade that I love! Below is the pic of the OPI Suzi skies in the Pyrenees in Suede Suzi!

I love it! Than I found this photo and I think I like the ORLY shade better because it looks a bit darker!
Here is the photo!
I love the Orl because it's not matte but its lot overly shiny either!

These are three nail polishes that im really loving right now! What are you loving right now?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sweet Link Love

Its that time again. Time to talk about some great Links! I surf the net looking for great pages, deals and fun stuff to talk about all day long and I want to pass some off to you guys! 

Pinterest is basically the big cork board you all wished you had when you were 10-14 years old. The object of the site is that you have many boards that you can pin he things you like to and than people can follow your boards. You can also follow other peoples boards. Each pic that you pin to your board is actually a link to the site that the picture is on so if you like a DIY project you can pin it to your board and go back and read it.  It's kind of like twitter with links! 

I love it! I have found some awesome stuff on pinterest! 
If you wanna check out my boards here I am :
I found BeautyBay last night when someone on twitter posted it when talking about a Stila palette. 

The prices on BB are great. The Palette im planning to buy any day now is the Living the Life in Laguna Beach and it is $13.20 for 4 eye shadows, a blush, and a highlight. I think thats a great deal.

BB carries brands like Stila, Too Faced and Bare Minerals among many more and all the prices are great. I actually think the shipping might be faster but I will test that theory when I order the stila packs.
GlitzyQueen is a Beauty Community that was inspired by YouTube gurus who blog and make videos. 

Their mission statement is to build a ‘home’ for the Beauty Gurus where consumers can not only search and watch tutorials videos, they can also click straight on the link to purchase that product that they have just seen being use. This is a direct quote from the site. I have been playing around with it today and I thought I would post it in this link love. 

I love the makeup channel. You can search videos and get a bunch from different gurus or you could search for a specific person. 

I like it!

These are a few of the places that I have been playing around with as of this week. Check um out and comment below if you have a link that you want me to checkout!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pur Minerals Start Now Kit

Pur Minerals Start Now Kit

I bought this set and thought I would do a review on it! 

This Pur Minerals set is retailing for $37.00 US (40.00 in Canada) And has a value of $68.00. 

Here's what the box says: No Mess. No Stress Pressed Mineral Make up. Got 60 Seconds? Experience the One-Minute makeup miracle! 

That's big talk. But I believe it.  After I put on my foundation it honestly took me only a few minutes to powder, bronze and blush my face with these products. I can see it being a time saver for anyone who doesn't wan't to go though the whole regimen in the Morning.

You get 1 Chisel brush (Stipple Brush), 1 4 in 1 Mineral All Over Powder, 1 Bronzer, 1 Universal Marble Powder (pink) . 

The 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

This product is supposed to be 4 in 1. Foundation, Concealer, Powder and SPF 15. I don't think it has enough coverage for me to say that its 4 in 1 but I love it as a powder finish. Pur Minerals are always so light and soft on the skin so it makes it the perfect powder to top my makeup with. This product has SPF 15 and is so natural that it looks like your not wearing a powder at all. It is very easy to apply with the chisel brush and is long wearing. The only thing I can see is that where its a mineral powder if you have very dry skin it could look a little cakey. I don't, so I don't find that problem. This would be a very good powder if you have more oily skin, I think it would counter act the oil quite nice. I bought the kit in light and this shade works great for me. 

The  Mineral Glow Bronzer

This bronzer looks quite dark seeing as I bought the light kit. When I first saw it I thought it may be too dark for my skin tone. It isn't. It wears really light and can be used as a great contour as well as all over the skin. It looks really natural and with the chisel brush its quite easy to apply in the needed area's. I wore it today as a contour on my cheeks and forehead and down my nose as a bronzer. 

The Universal Marble Powder 
This product is said to be used on eyes, cheeks and lips. I used it as a blush today and I found that it can be a little heavy handed. You only need a little to get a soft warm look on the cheeks. I have yet to use it as an eye shadow. I like the color. Its quite old fashioned and sweet. I like that. I don't always want something super pink or peachy. Sometimes I just want a natural flushed look. 

All in all I think this kit is a great start to anyone new to Pur Minerals. You get the basics to  make a complete look and the size and quality is worth the $37.00

Check your local drugstore for this kit or visit Pur Minerals to order one!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Books

E.L.F Little Black Beauty Books

When I saw these from ELF I knew that I had to get them and try them out. There is a warm collection which is pictured above and a cool collection. I'm going to talk about them both.

The Warm Collection

As you can see this palette is fantastic for natural looks and more smokey looks.

I adore the Eye shadows which range from the light creamy colored shades at the top to the deeper browns near the bottom right side. There is also a few shades to mix it up like the Irish green near the middle and the redish-plum shades. These can be used to get a more dramatic.

The lipstick shades are great also. There is a great range from a few nudes to more deep reds. There are also a few pinks that can be great worn with a more neutral eye.

The Cool Collection

This is the cool collection. I think of this as the bright collection.

I think this may be my favorite collection. I love a colorful eye. This collection has three blacks that can be used with any of the colors to make a great smokey eye. And the lipsticks are pink and bright and fun. I love the large range of pinks and purple eye shadows.  There are a few colors that are great so a feminine soft and pretty look. I would use the pale pinks/gray that are in he top right column. It would be very soft and pretty.

So here is the skinny.You get 28 Shadows and 20 lipsticks. The quality is great. I love the lipsticks. They are very smooth and pigmented. The eye shadows are very pigmented as well and the blend super easily.

All in all for 5.00 these are great.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My GO TO Concealers! (High End & Drug Store)

Today's post is all about my GO TO concealers. When you find a good one i tend to stick with it, but i also try not to shy away form trying new products. I found three from High End to Drug Store that i use all the time and thought i would share them with you. 

TARTE Maracuja Creasless Concealer

This is a more High End product from Tarte. I bought it a while ago because I had heard great hings about it and hadn't actually tried it. 

I LOVE IT! I find it's a more Medium to Full coverage concealer that blends really well. IT has a slight pink/peachy color to it so if you have yellow tones in your skin you may need to top this with a more Neutral powder so you don't look too pink. I have pink undertones anyway so I find it quite nice. 

The tube goes along way. You really only need a little drop to do a large area. I can do both my eyes with one small drop of this. IT is super easy to blend. I usually dot it around than blend it in with my pointer finger. You don't need to use a brush and i find the heat from your fingers helps it even out better. 

9/10 Rating! :)

Hardy Candy Glamofauge

This is honestly the army men of concealers. The package say that you ca cover tattoos with it and while I haven't tried to do so I totally believe it. 

You can pick this product up at any Walmart for about 8 bucks. It comes with a concealer pencil and a rather large tube of product that will last you quite a while. I tried to see how far one Ittie bittie drop would cover and it almost covered my entire left side of my face. This is definitely a full coverage concealer and for the price, you cant go wrong!

9/10 Rating! :)

L'Oreal True Match 

I bought this forever go when I was in a bind and needed something quick. I was surprised! I wear it in W1-3 (warm) and I find it quite ice when I want a light-medium coverage. Personal I don't want to cover my face everyday but i don't want to look like a troll either so this is a great and affordable happy medium. 

You can pick this up at any drug store for about 6 bucks. And on a good skin day I can see this working  out really well for most people. If you need something a bit heavier I would suggest trying something with a bit more coverage. 

7/10 Rating!

Palladio Herbal Liquid Concealer

I have heard a lot of opinions on Palladio. I love their products. I have both a foundation in Vanilla and the concealer in Nude. The concealer is great for blemishes and under eyes. I apply it with my finger and work it to my trouble spots. 

The only problem I have is that it could blend  a little better but I think for the 5.99 price it is well worth it and I would totally purchase it again. 

7/10 Rating!

These are what I use on a regular basis. They work well for my skin. Try them out and comment below on what you think or what our favorite concealers are!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Haul!

I was at Lawton's the other day and I found some great deals! I ended up coming home with a mini Haul! 

The first thing I found was the Revlon Flavored Glosses. I hadn't seen these before so I picked up two. They were supposed to be $8.95 each, But when I went to the counter I found that they were $2.24. That is a great deal so I bought them all. 

The flavors are Mint Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, Orange Fizz, Pineapple Fizz, Cherry Fizz, Green Apple Fizz and Grape Fizz. All of them taste fantastic and are very soft on the lips. They are smooth and silky and the perfect thing to top a lip stain or a dry lip gloss. My Favorite taste is probably Pineapple or Orange. I love bright flavors. 

The only thing that I was worried about when I bought them was that they may have some tint. I mean, who wants a  purple lip? When you first put them on they may have a little bit of  color to them. But as soon as you rub your lips together that goes away. 

All in all, i think they are pretty great and totally worth the 2.24 i spent of each one. I'm not sure I would pay the 8.95 for them.  

The Second thing I bought was some new nail polish. These are the LA Colors nail polish and they were .99 each and 20% off. So I got them for 1.54 I think. I bought 5 of them. 

The Colors i got are a really nice Teal,  a dark Cherry Red, a Gold,  a Light Green and a Lighter Pinkish red. I cant remember the names but  will post them in the bottom of the post later tonight. 

I am Currently wearing the gold color and i must say that even though it has a few chips in it, it is lasting quite well. With my 3 yr old i tend to be really hard on my hands and polish doesn't last long because of this. This has been on for about 4 days now and it only has two chips. 

I think it's really Pretty and great for Fall

The last thing I got was the Milani Multitasker Powder in Light. I have heard GReat things about this powdr ad every time I went to get it I couldnt find it ( Must be a sign that it is as great as I was told). I love this stuff already. It's a great powder to finish your makeup or to use right on top of your foundation. Its light weight and really smooth. And all in all a fantastic powder.

The Multitasker powder I think was 10.99. 

So for 62.20 I got 7 Lip Glosses, 5 Nail Polishes and a Full Sized Face Powder. That's Pretty Good to me. 

Pretty good haul seeing as i went to the store to get Cat Food! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quo On the Go Palette Tutorial (All Drugstore)

At Shoppers Drug Mar the carry a brand called Quo. Right now they have the cutest make u kits and Palettes out for the holidays I picked to the On The Go Palette and decided to do an All Drugstore Makeup look with it. The Palette is quite pretty. Its a little shimmery but it has a few very nice browns in it. This palette has three eye shadows, 1 blush,and 3 lipsticks. It also come with a mirror and two little brushes to apply it all. 

This palette cost me 15.00 at shoppers and i think its worth it. 

In this look I used all drugstore products. At the end of this post there will be a list of everything I used. The only thing I used that wasn't drugstore was the brushes which I bought from ELF at 

Here is my Base Face in which I already applied my Foundation, Concealer, Powder and Bronzer. You can see that I Conoured my cheeks a little with the NYC Sunny Bronzer. I don't have the most prominent Cheek bones so i find doing this brings them out a little. Not the most attractive picture :)  but you get the point! Keep checking back for a  post on how to contour your face!

The three eye shadows are a shimmery off white color that is great for a highlight and a base shade. The middle shade is a medium shimmery brown that is very warm. The third is a darker brown that is also shimmery. I used the light as a base, the medium o the middle and outer of my lid and the darker in my crease and as an outer V. 

I lined my upper lid with a brown liner in a very thin line. I also think you could wing the liner out and it would look really nice. I didn't do this. I lined the outer side of my bottom lashes and smudged it with my finger. I topped it with two coats of mascara and i was done with the eyes. 

I applied the blush on the apple of my cheeks and worked towards my temples. I like this blush. Its very soft and complementary for my pale skin.

The lipsticks are just OK to me. There is a light peachy nude color that I used in this look over the nude lip pencil. The middle color is very metallic and I cant find a reason why I would wear it on its own. I may use it under a lip gloss to counter act the shininess. The darker color is quite nice and i can myself using it with a very simple eye. I don't normally wear dark browns but i'm trying to try new looks. 

 I like this look. Its warm and appealing and i think it make my brown eyes pop. 

 I also tried the look with my hair down and a little wavy and my bangs pinned back. I think both looks are nice but i think i like it up better. 

I took a few pics up close so you could see the eyes better.

I look like i have a giant nose in this hahahaha
As you can see these colors blend really well. And the colors are really nice. The only down fall i think is the metallic lipstick in the top middle. I personally wont use it. It's too bold for me. 15.00 bucks for this palette in a good deal. The quality is quite nice and ive been wearing it for 6 1/2 hours and its still going strong. So longevity is good also. I think ill use this palette enough to warrant the 15.00 price. I's a great alternative to higher end palettes. 

Let me know what you think of this look and if you've tried this Palette.  

What i used in this look:
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer in 002
Revlon Colorstay in Buff
Hard Candy Glamoflauge
Milani Multitasker Powder in Light
Milani Brown fix
NYC Smooth Face Bronzer in Sunny
NYX HD Eye lid primer
LAncome Hypnose in Black
Quo On The Go Palette