Saturday, November 12, 2011

A sturdy foundation.

I have tried so many foundations over the years that it has made me think that i may have a weird non-existent shade. Than I found a great Foundation that was mentioned so many times on some blogs that I read and when I tried it I thought "Holy Crap, this is actually my perfect shade" I fell in love. 

There's nothing worse than using a shade that is to dark and you need to lighten it up with powder or too light and needing to pile on the bronzer to make our face match the rest of you. I've found TWO that work fantastic for me and i had to blog about them. Revlon Colorstay foundation in buff and pressed powder in light are my perfect shades. 

There are so many reasons why i rave (And everyone else) over Revlon Colorstay! Here is just a few:

  • Coverage - the cover is great. its a full coverage foundation without looking fake or over produced. I apply it with a damp sponge and it goes on so natural. 
  • Consistency - The formula is is lightweight and not to thick or too thin. I find it goes son so smooth and soft that it doesn't really feel like I'm wearing makeup. 
  • Color - As i said in the beginning i find this to be the best color for me. It's a very natural color that i can see many people using. Not just my Color but all the colors look to be very normal, everyday colors and not something that you 2% of the population will use. 

Another foundation that i use all the time is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Creamy Ivory. This is a great match for me also. As you can see from the picture i have used this one alot. It has the eraser sponge on the top but i don't actually use this. I use m finger and get a bunch of the product and apply it to my face in 4 areas, Forehead, cheeks and chin. Than i use a damp sponge to lend the product out all over my face.

Again I like this product for a few reasons:
  • Coverage - The coverage is great. Its  not quite as full as the Revlon Colorstay but it is quite good. It covers all my redness (I get red faced because i use proactive and the scrubbies make my face red) and most blemishes that I may have. Sometimes with Colorstay I wont need to use a concealer but with this I always do. But its still quite good. This is a medium coverage Foundation. 
  • The formula is very nice and smooth. The color works well for me and the formula isn't greasy or too dry on my skin Although i have heard other people say that it has been so you may have to try it for yourself  This is a drugstore foundation so the price isn't too bad.
Over all i like both of these foundations. Revlon Colorstay is my current GO TO product and i top it with the Revlon Pressed Powder in Light. 

Try them out and let me know what you think!

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