Monday, November 21, 2011

Manic-ure Monday!

It's Monday! Monday is when i usually change my nail polish for the week. I figured I would share with you what i'm wearing and a few other Nail Polish things that are really great! 

What i'm wearing:

I'm wearing LA Colors in Transformer. It's a really nice cherry red. I'm wearing two coats in the pic above but if I had my time back I think I would do a third. I would like it to be a bit deeper, but I still really like the color. 

I picked this up at my local Shoppers Drug Mart at the cost of $1.54 The packaging says it has hardeners in it and I have found that it dries really fast. So, that's a good deal to me. I featured this and man other colors in my MINI HAUL post o check that outto see the other colors i picked up. 

I've been seeing a few really cool nail ideas n the web this week and i decided that i would show you guys some. 
  • Mustache Nails - I found these on and I fell in love with them They are definitely on my to do list! Here's the link to check them out! I love them! Unfortunately they don't say how they did it, So I'll have to wing it. 
  • Sophisticated Bling - These are just SO pretty! I almsot never wear glitter because at almost 30, I feel as though I maybe getting a bit old for it. BUT, this is a great way to have a bit of glitter in a sophisticated way. Check them out HERE

  • OPI - Suzi Skies in Suede Suzi / Orly Metal Chic in Iron Butterfly & Zoya Dovima - This isn't a link but a shade that I love! Below is the pic of the OPI Suzi skies in the Pyrenees in Suede Suzi!

I love it! Than I found this photo and I think I like the ORLY shade better because it looks a bit darker!
Here is the photo!
I love the Orl because it's not matte but its lot overly shiny either!

These are three nail polishes that im really loving right now! What are you loving right now?

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