Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sweet Link Love

Its that time again. Time to talk about some great Links! I surf the net looking for great pages, deals and fun stuff to talk about all day long and I want to pass some off to you guys! 

Pinterest is basically the big cork board you all wished you had when you were 10-14 years old. The object of the site is that you have many boards that you can pin he things you like to and than people can follow your boards. You can also follow other peoples boards. Each pic that you pin to your board is actually a link to the site that the picture is on so if you like a DIY project you can pin it to your board and go back and read it.  It's kind of like twitter with links! 

I love it! I have found some awesome stuff on pinterest! 
If you wanna check out my boards here I am :
I found BeautyBay last night when someone on twitter posted it when talking about a Stila palette. 

The prices on BB are great. The Palette im planning to buy any day now is the Living the Life in Laguna Beach and it is $13.20 for 4 eye shadows, a blush, and a highlight. I think thats a great deal.

BB carries brands like Stila, Too Faced and Bare Minerals among many more and all the prices are great. I actually think the shipping might be faster but I will test that theory when I order the stila packs.
GlitzyQueen is a Beauty Community that was inspired by YouTube gurus who blog and make videos. 

Their mission statement is to build a ‘home’ for the Beauty Gurus where consumers can not only search and watch tutorials videos, they can also click straight on the link to purchase that product that they have just seen being use. This is a direct quote from the site. I have been playing around with it today and I thought I would post it in this link love. 

I love the makeup channel. You can search videos and get a bunch from different gurus or you could search for a specific person. 

I like it!

These are a few of the places that I have been playing around with as of this week. Check um out and comment below if you have a link that you want me to checkout!

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