Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do It yourself Vanity Mirror! & Link Love!

I`ve decided to dedicate every Sunday to Links that I Love! I`m always trying to find new blogs to read or things to play with. In this entry you get some great blogs and a link to a Do It Yourself Vanity Mirror that i made and it`s awesome. 
  • Beauty Broadcast - I have to say that I am a religious reader of Beauty Broadcast. Written by Emilynoel83 who has a background in journalism and a severe love of all things beauty. She makes you feel warm like your reading something a friend has written. Emily also has a YouTube Channel HERE where you can find some great tutorials and product reviews. She is amazing and I have to say that she`s inspired me to start this blog. 
  • - This is a new blog that I found a day or two ago. Its run by a woman named Karen who is awesome! Her blog is very informative and I love how organized she is. If you look on the right had side in the middle of the page she has 4 Tabs Popular, Bargain, How to and Link Love (this seems to be the universal term we all use for links that we love, haha). These tabs make it really easy to look for something that you need. If Ì`m in the mood for a How To I can do that. If I want to know whats popular I can do that. I also love how none of her blog post titles are short and sweet like the rest of us. They're all long and for some reason I find that really funny and sweet. 
  • Jroseonline - This isn't a blog that i read a lot. But I did find the best thing on this blog.  I have always wanted one of those Beautiful Vanity Mirrors that you often see in Professional makeup artists videos and blog posts. (Emilynoel83 has one and im totally jealous!) Well, They can be quite exspensive, and as a mom i don`t have 300 bucks plus shipping to buy myself one and have it shipped to little Newfoundland Canada  So when I found this post by JRose I was ecstatic. Here is the address to her blog post about making your own Vanity Mirror!  The process is every simple and you only need a few Things. Check it out! Ive posted the pics of my New Handmade Vanity Mirror!

This is the mirror from the right. I`ve attached it to my desk. If you notice,the light bar is a bit higher than my mirror, but you can get different sizes. If I had my time back I would have measured. You can actually attach this to the wall if you have a flat style desk. I didn`t because I`m renting.

You can notice that i have a bunch of space behind the mirror to hold things hat i don't want to see all the time. Sponges, tissues and such. it`s great storage for unused items that i may only need a few times a year. You can see this below. 

I love it. I`ve attached it to my desk in a way that I can remove it. We are planning on buying a house in the future so I wanted it to be able to come off the desk and be placed on the wall in the new place easily. 

I have to say that it turned out well. It cost me less than $100.00, where a bought one would have been at least $300.00. I`m very proud of my electrical skills. Thanks JROSE you Rock!

Check out the links, And show some love!


  1. wow!! your vanity mirror turned out great! I love that idea of having some storage space behind it. Good job! and thanks for linking me. I appreciate it :)

  2. It looks awesome! Great post! I think i will try my own!! I have always wanted a vanity like that!
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