Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Haul!

I was at Lawton's the other day and I found some great deals! I ended up coming home with a mini Haul! 

The first thing I found was the Revlon Flavored Glosses. I hadn't seen these before so I picked up two. They were supposed to be $8.95 each, But when I went to the counter I found that they were $2.24. That is a great deal so I bought them all. 

The flavors are Mint Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, Orange Fizz, Pineapple Fizz, Cherry Fizz, Green Apple Fizz and Grape Fizz. All of them taste fantastic and are very soft on the lips. They are smooth and silky and the perfect thing to top a lip stain or a dry lip gloss. My Favorite taste is probably Pineapple or Orange. I love bright flavors. 

The only thing that I was worried about when I bought them was that they may have some tint. I mean, who wants a  purple lip? When you first put them on they may have a little bit of  color to them. But as soon as you rub your lips together that goes away. 

All in all, i think they are pretty great and totally worth the 2.24 i spent of each one. I'm not sure I would pay the 8.95 for them.  

The Second thing I bought was some new nail polish. These are the LA Colors nail polish and they were .99 each and 20% off. So I got them for 1.54 I think. I bought 5 of them. 

The Colors i got are a really nice Teal,  a dark Cherry Red, a Gold,  a Light Green and a Lighter Pinkish red. I cant remember the names but  will post them in the bottom of the post later tonight. 

I am Currently wearing the gold color and i must say that even though it has a few chips in it, it is lasting quite well. With my 3 yr old i tend to be really hard on my hands and polish doesn't last long because of this. This has been on for about 4 days now and it only has two chips. 

I think it's really Pretty and great for Fall

The last thing I got was the Milani Multitasker Powder in Light. I have heard GReat things about this powdr ad every time I went to get it I couldnt find it ( Must be a sign that it is as great as I was told). I love this stuff already. It's a great powder to finish your makeup or to use right on top of your foundation. Its light weight and really smooth. And all in all a fantastic powder.

The Multitasker powder I think was 10.99. 

So for 62.20 I got 7 Lip Glosses, 5 Nail Polishes and a Full Sized Face Powder. That's Pretty Good to me. 

Pretty good haul seeing as i went to the store to get Cat Food! :)

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