Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sample Love

If your reading my blog on a regular basis you already know that I love samples! They are a great way of trying new products without having to buy the full size. 

This week I've got bunch of new samples!

Benefit "That Girl"
I got this in a three pack sample set with the Pore-Fessional and the Stay don't Stray Called "One Prime Day" which can be found on "That Girl" is a face brightening primer that you can use all over your face.  The full size is 29.00 and can be bought on or on

Ive been using this for a few days now and I really like it. Its great to use after your moisturizer and before your makeup. The product is a salmon pink tone and is great to use as the first defense against dark circles while priming your face. is it worth the 29 bucks? I think so. Its super silky and a great primer.

Benefit The PORE-fessional
PORE-fessional is a PORE minimizing balm that can be worn on its own as well as under or over your makeup. It has vitamin E and is a beige-ish tone that blends well for all skin types and tones. I've used this for the last few days as well and I kinda like it. I notice that it did make my pores less noticeable but it also helped with shine. Would I pay the full size price of 29.00? I think so. You don't need much when applying it so I think the full size would last quite a while. I have asked for it to be in my stocking this year. :)

Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Benefits website calls this a duel primer for both Shadows and Concealers. It got me thinking. Why cant I use my regular primer as a concealer primer under my eyes for when i want to use a powder concealer? It's worth looking into for sure. 

I've used the Stay Don't Stay for a few days now and I have to say that while it works really well. I don't know if I would pay 26.00 bucks for a full size. It works great and the full size is 10.00 ML so the size is great. But with 26 bucks I could buy 3 of the NYX HD eyelid primer, which I love! 

All in All, great primer, but is it worth it? I'm unsure. 

All three of hese products can be bought together is a pack on Sephora.con HERE for 10.00 which is what i did. Its called One Prime Day! 

Smashbox Photo Finish 
Smash Box Photo Finish was my go to primer before I started using the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro. I had it in the Original which was a clear color while the sample I have is the one with Dermaxyl Complex which is slight pink.Apricot tone. Smash box has the silkiest primer I have ever touched and it works as a great barrier before your makeup. As soon as you put it on you can see a difference in your complexion. It smooths and refines your pores and makes your makeup blend so much more. 

You can pick up the Demaxyl Complex formula at as well as all the other types of Smashbox Photo Finish for 36-38 dollars. 

Per-Fekt Brown Gel
I got this sample when I bought some stuff from Sephora. I really like it. I have dark eyes and dark brows so I often find that some brow gels can dry kind of light. I really like this one in the Caramel color. I usually fill my brown in with the Milani brow fix and top them off with this to hold their shape. 

This gel has some great stuff in it too! Sephora's website says that it has Anti-oxidents, Honey Suckle and Sage oils. That sounds good to me! 

This product is great but the full size on Sephora is 22 bucks for 0.15 ounces. That doesnt seem like much product for 22.00 bucks. 

Would I buy it again? Even though its a great product I don't think it's worth 22 of my hard earned dollars. 

Coastal Scents Mineral Eye Shadow
I placed an order with Coastal Scents and it arrived the other day with this little sample of the mineral powder eye shadow.

I threw out the little tag that said the name of the color. It's a really light green color. I can see myself using it as a base but its not a bright. It would also make a great highlight around the inner corner of the eye. I've looked on and I cant find the name. OOOPS!

These are the Samples that I've gotten this week! Some are great and some are not so great. 

Do you have a sample or a product that i should try? Let me know!

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