Monday, December 19, 2011

Revlon Lip Butters

This is going to be a short review because there is sooooo much stuff on these on the web. I am doing this review now because I recently found these and I love them. They have taken forever to get to NL. 

I bought these in two batches because I could only find so many at each time. 

Sugar frosting,  Sweet Tart, Brown Sugar 

Lollipop, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake 

These are the colors that I have. I bought them for $5.70 because they were on sale, Regular price was almost 10.00 bucks. I know they are much cheaper in the US but i'm I Canada where I over pay for everything. I think they are $7.49 in the states at CVS

Sugar frosting,  Sweet Tart, Brown Sugar

Lollipop, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy,
Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake

These Lip Butters are a great hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss. They are creamy and silky like a gloss but they have the color of lip sticks. They are moisturizing and very soft on the lips. 

One of my favorites is Lollipop which is a fuschia pink color. Its very pigmented and bright. I wore it today.

I also Love Creme Brulee and Sweet Tart!

Creme Brulee is such a smooth nude color that I know I will love to wear all the time. Sweet tart is such a pretty pink as well that I will wear it with a lot of looks.

Like I said in the beginning, I know you've read so much already about the Lip Butters, but if your still wondering if they are worth the 7-10 dollars each, I say yes. 

The selection is quite large with 20 colors the color lasts quite a while so I think its worth it. 

This is my short review of the Lip Butters. I know it was short but there is already so much out there about these. Thanks for tuning in!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Eyeliners!

Hey guys!

I must apologize for my lack of posts since Sunday. I have had laryngitis so I havent been feeling the best. I figured I would suck it up and get back at it.   

I decided I would talk about my favorite eyeliner. I always wear eyeliner. If I'm at home lounging and realize that i need to go out, It's the thing I grab to perk up my face in two minutes flat. Eyeliner can brighten and define your eyes at the same time. Most of the time I wear black but all the eyeliners I talk about can be bought in multiple colors.

Milani Infinite Liquid Liner 
This is my favorite liquid liner ever. Infinite come is about 6-8 colors and cost about 6 bucks. The staying power is amazing. Put it on and let it dry and it will not smudges at all. You have to wash it off to get it off. I once did a test. I decided to put my eyeliner on (Only eyeliner no makeup) in the morning and not wash it off when i went to bed. I know I know, so bad for your skin, but seeing as I didn't have any other makeup on I figured, what the hell, one night wont hurt me. When I woke up it basically looked the same. THAT'S staying power. The brush is thin and easy to apply the eyeliner. I start on my inner corner and line out all in one sweep. 

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen 
Another favorite is Revlon ColorStay Pen. I like a felt tip eyeliner pen so I knew I would enjoy this one. This liner runs about 8 bucks and come in 5 colors. Black, Brown, Gray, Navy and Black Brown. I do wish this came in more colors but the 5 that it does is a good start. The formula is great. It stays forever. Their ads say it stays for 16 Hours. I believe it. I don't think I've worn it that long but I know at night I always have to was it off because it hasn't budged. 

The problem with felt tip liners is that they can dry out rather quick. I found a post about how to hydrate your liners on BellaSugar! Check it out Here!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Trips Eyeliner
I bought the set of three for brown eyes for about 12 bucks. This set comes with black that is picture above, a purple and a brown. I love these. Automatic pencils are awesome. I like them way more than a pencil that I need to have sharpened. But I like the ability to sharpen them to a really sharpen point for when I want to do a winged eye. These solve that problem. There is a built in sharpener on the bottom of the liner that you pull out of the bottom to sharpen and replace afterwards. This allows be to have an automatic liner that I can sharpen also. I love these and I use them all the time. You can pick them up at most drugstores/Walmart's.

These also come is sets for Green, Hazel and Glue eyes. 

Maybelline Master Drama
This eyeliner is automatic but last like a liquid. I love that. The formula is really creamy and easy to apply and blend out. Once it dries it wont smudge or smear. It's also really affordable at about 8 bucks each. They also come in 6 colors. 2 gray, one light and one dark, black, blue, brown and violet. All of them have great pigmentation and deliver very dramatic liner with ease. I find these last along time, I've had mine for what seems like months and I havent run out and I use it at least a couple time's a week. I love them.

These are my go to lines when it comes to everyday use. I will also do a more colorful liner post after Christmas. 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Sunday Links

I know I already posted today but I wanted to mention a few places that I love right now! These are a few places that I will be buying from after the holidays!

I love love love this site. They have some very special things for everyone you could need to buy things for. They ship internationally and their Express shipping can be here is 4-7 days so you could still make it by Christmas.  

The prices are pretty good too. I'm looking at These for myself and they are $81.00 which is not too bad. Ive paid more for shoes and I've paid less. I love them! Shipping is reasonably priced too, it's about 12 bucks. 

I'm also looking at this T for my son! Which would look super cute on him seeing as he is 3 and this movie came out LONG before he was born. Super cute!

Zazzle has a great selection of not only clothing and shoes but cards and other great items that would make great Christmas or birthday gifts. I will be doing a lot of my shopping here from now on. 

StyleMint is own and operated by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They design Limited addition Ts and sell them for great prices. How does it work? When you go and register at the site you set your style profile and they pick shirts that work with what you've given them. I picked a large range of different styles because I have multiple personality disorder when it comes to my style. I've picked out two that I love and wanted to talk to you about them. 

The Lennox
I love a stripe. Even a horizontal stripe. Pair this with skinny jeans and a blazer and you are good to go for most occasions! The price? $29.99 like ALL of the shirts on Style Mint! I love that!

The Magnolia

I love this shirt. So cute with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Big wavy curls. Super Cute. Again it costs only $29.99 and this comes in black as well. This shirt can go from work to drinks to clubbing super easy. Pair it with some wide leg pants and go to work or wear it with some skinnies and go out with the girls and your good to go.  

Whats the problem with StyleMint? They don't ship to Canada or any where else internationally. So, when I want something from them? I ship it to my sister in Connecticut and she ships it to me. 

The last site I am mentioning is for one product only! is a site to buy health and beauty related products. 

I recently found them when looking for somewhere I can get my hands on the Rimmel Lip Butters because I cant find them anywhere is NL. Plus they ship for free in Canada. The prices are OK. But I had to mention them because of the LIP BUTTERS!!!!

These are my links for the day. Check um out!

Tomorrows Post:  My favorite Eyeliners!

Dud Products #001

Not every product is going to work for everyone. I have found products that work great for everyone else but I just don't like at all. I've compiled a list of a few things that just didn't work for me. All of these products are Drugstore/Discount store but I plan on doing a High End post of duds as well. Lets get Started!

Almay Smart Shade Foundation and Concealer

At 28 years old I am ridiculously afraid of wrinkles. Therefore I gravitate towards anti-aging makeup that wont clog pore or make lines appear deeper. I decided to try the Almay smart Shade. The idea of a smart shade makeup was intriguing to me and I like to try new products that come out. (This one has been out for about a year, I tried it once and put it in my Don't Use Again box)

I don't believe that this "Technology" exists. I tried the light to medium shade that should have worked for me at the time. I was a bit darker because it was the summer. This is super dark for me. I mean like 5 or 6 shades too dark. 

Both the concealer and the foundation are this way for me. So I didn't use it long enough to form a more detailed opinion. After using it once or twice i noticed the consistency was nice and the coverage was good but like i said. A foundation can be lumped into such a large category as light/medium. 

All in all, not for me!

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

When I bought this I opened the volume cap and thought. "Hmm... Nice big brush consistency looks good. Might be alright" So I put it on. And I was happy. wasn't the greatest Mascara but it wasn't the worst either.  

Than I opened the length side. I was pissed. The brush is exactly the same. Your basically pulling the same brush through the tube to pull off the mascara formula. So Im paying for a tube to clean off the brush for me? I can do that myself. 

Their website says that you can create two dramatically different looks with one brush. ONE BRUSH. Is it the brush that's doing the different looks or the choice to wear less mascara? 

This is such a crap product to me. It's like false advertising. ON their website the have a picture of the product that show two different brushes. One thicker and one thinner. Not true. Crappy Product!

ELF Wrinkle Refiner

OH Elf... How I love thee! You all know that I am the biggest ELF fan. Not only are their products cheap but they are great quality too. 

Except for this one. Getting back to me deep insecurity of wrinkles... I figured id try this out before my primer. I couldn't get it out of the package for about 15 minutes. It has one of those twist per click systems and  clicked and clicked and NOTHING. Then I turned it upside down and left it for a few minutes and still nothing. When i did get the product out it spilled out like it was too thin to hold in the package. It made such a mess. 

The product it self was not too great for me. I didn't find that it refined any small lines that i had. I did however put it on my hand to check it out before to see what it did and i did find it smoothed quite nice. Refined?  Not so much. I wouldn't buy this product again. 

Hard Candy Split Personality 

This double ended pencils are a great idea. I often say I have a split personality so I chuckled at the name. I decided to try the product because they are affordable and come in a decent range of dual colors. 

When I first opened the silver side, I was surprised at the quality of the sponge tip applicator. I wasn't impressed. It is quite flimsy. I couldn't get the control that I wanted using it without having to practically hold the sponge itself. The color is nice though. 

The blue side was worse. I opened it and the sponge was unattached from the pencil. It made a big mess when I fixed it and got it attached again. 

All in all this product sucked for me. The colors themselves are really nice so I wished hey had just put them out in a regular double ended pencil. 

These are a few duds that I have come across. What are your duds?

Disclaimer: All of the statements posted here are my opinions only and arnt meant in a harmfull way.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New Haul Part 2!!

Part 2 has arrived! I'm just going to get right into it. Yesterday I started Part one of this haul and I had so much to say about the products that I thought it would be best to break it up into two parts. 

This sample set from benefit is a great of trying some of their Top Sellers without having to buy the full size. I love a sample set. So i thought this was a great little gift for myself! Here's the break down:

  • Girl Meets Pearl 7.5ml - This is a liquid highlight that you can use all over your face. The full sizes runs about 30.00 and you get 12ml. This sample size is great. It's over half the full size and I didnt pay $30.00 for the full set. The color is a pinkish pearl color which i really love. When using it on my cheeks it catches the light really well and looks so feminine and effortless. Speaking of effortless, this is super easy to use. a dab or two on the cheek bones and blend it with your finger tips and your good to go. Do i like it? YES! i would definitely buy the full size Girl Meets Pearl. If you like a Glowing Dewy look than this is great for you!
  • Posie Tint 4.0 Ml - Posie Tint is a lip and cheek tint in Poppy Pink. Personally I think the color might be a little too pink for my completion. When I do wear it I wear it very sparingly. Things I like about it? It's very easy to use. You put a few swipes on your cheeks and blend up towards your temples. It doesn't dry super quick so you don't have to worry about it drying before you get the chance to blend I out. This I like.  The sample size is 4.00 ml and the full sizes is 12.5 ml and runs about $29.00 I love this on my lips so I would probably buy this again to use sparingly on my cheek and on my lips. 
I had to post a pic of how pink the Posie Tint is! 
Its SO pink! Bubblegum Pink!
  • High Beam 2.5 Ml - I love this highlighter. Benefits website calls this a Luminescent Complexion Enhancer. And the "Supermodel in a Bottle". I love it. Again. I love it. It have this great ability to catch the light at any point. It blends super easy and while PMG has a pinky golden tone this is a light pinky white tone. It's great for the holidays because it can have a soft icy feel. The full size is 15 Ml and $26, I would definitely buy the full size. 
  • Erase Paste 3.2g - I really like this concealer. However i think i would like it more if I had gotten it in my shade. In this little Sample set the erase paste had only comes in Medium. That's great if your not Casper the friendly Ghost like me. I'm a light on my best days and glow in the dark on my worst so this No. 2 Medium Sample is too dark for me. However its not too too dark so I did use it  for a while to get a good feel of the product. The coverage is really nice. It covers pretty much everything I would need to cover. It tackles under eyes and dark circles well. I will definitely buy the full size in my correct color. 
For $28.00 I love this kit. Even though the concealer didn't fit me, if I had my time back I would probably buy it again. If your interested in the bright dewy face look than this it can help you out at a great price!

i Heard about these palettes on twitter and i went out to th link and picked out two to try out. I got mine from for 13.50 but Sephora has most of them for 9.00 each! 

Living the life in Laguna

I love this little Palette! You get 4 shadows 1 blush and 1 Bronzer in a sleek case that fits pretty much everywhere!

The Shadows - The colors you get are Sand Dollar which is the light pink with a little Shimmer. Sunset (top right) is a deeper pink. I would call it a medium pink with a bit more shimmer. It's amazing!!! I love it. I think it' my favorite color of the four. Cove (bottom left) is like a pinkish purple with a hint of brown. I know it's  a weird way to describe it but I cant think of a word to describe it perfectly. Lastly Bonfire is a deep brownish pink that is very sweet and earthy. I have used it a bunch lately with my Naked Palette to make a pinky smokey eye. 

The blush is a light pink color called Seashell. Its very pretty and come off very soft. It makes me look very naturally flush. Like someone said something really nice and my cheeks are starting to color. 

The bronzer I a darker version of the blush. It almost has a peachy tone to it but you can see a resemblance of the blush as well. I like this. I want my bronzer and my blush to blend together seamlessly. 

Striking in South Beach

The Shadows in this palettes are the opposite color wise than the previous one. This one is all cool blues! Again you get 4 shadows 1 Blush and 1 Bronzer. 

The Shadows is this set are Ocean Drive, Wave, Nightlife and Cabana. Ocean drive is a very satiny blue silver with a little shimmer. It's super pretty. Wave is a periwinkle blue color. It's a happy medium between Ocean Drive and Cabana which is the navy color on the bottom left. Nightlife is thrown in there to make the possibilities even better. I love the combination of all four of these colors together. They make a beautiful dramatic eye.

The blush is super pink. I think it's the powdered cousin of the Posie Tint! But I like it. I think it's easier to be light in hand with a powder than a liquid/gel. It goes quite nice with the blues tones of the eyeshadows. 

The bronzer is a pinkish brown that needs to be applied very lightly. The good thing is that it blended really well with the blush and blends out really easily. 

I really like these two palettes. I don't have a lot of Stila stuff but I love the brand. These are great for trying out Stila without spending a lot of money. Plus they are all full size products! I am hoping the other sets will magically appear in my stocking this christmas!

I have only use done of these so far so this ins't a review. I just thought i would mention these because they are really quite and cheap. I paid 3.97 for each at Walmart. You get 4 shades in each and they are all named after metro cities in NYC. 

These would make great stocking stuffers! Stay tuned for a tutorial using these palette in the near future!

That is my haul part 1 & 2. What did you get this week?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A New HAUL!!!! Part 1

Hey Guys!

I've done a little shopping and I've got a few things in the mail That I wanted to talk to you guys about! So i'll just get right into it!  I have so much to say that this will be a two part blog post!

There are products from 4 different companies in this Haul and I will put links to where I got them!

As I have talked about on my website so many times before I adore their products. They are very very well priced and the quality is great. I think I have only have one or two products that I havent been happy with. 
(Products I don't like will be a post later this week!) 

This is basically your essentials kit. Built with 141 pieces including: 84 Eyeshadow Shades, 36 Lip Gloss Shades, 6 Blush Shades, 4 Concealer Shades, 4 Shimmer Cream Shades, 4 Bronzer Shades, 1 Face Brush, 1 Lip Brush, 1 Duo Eyeshadow Applicator 
  • The brushes - The face brush is OK, it's not the softest but believe me it's not the worst brush I've ever tried. To be honest I probably wont use it much. The eye shadow applicator is an average sponge tip applicator. You can never have to many of them. The thing i like about this one is that it's about  4 inches long so your not staining to hold onto it when using it to apply color. I love that! The lipstick brush is great too. I hate the lipstick brushes that you get sometimes that have the long hairs. I don't know how anyone can put on lipstick with a brush that long and flimsy. This lipstick brush is a lot like a mini concealer brush. I love it!
  • The Bronzers - Right in the middle of the picture you'll see four bronzer shades. Three are shimmer and one is matte. I'm not big on shimmery bronzers because i always find that they make me look too done up. like I've put too much effort in. But during the holidays I dont mind them. I can get away with wearing a bit more makeup. The light shade in the top left corer as well as the medium shade also on the top would make great highlights all year round. The bottom right shade is the matte shade that you would use all over the face to add color or to contour. It's a little dark for my skin tone but if I use it very searingly and I blend it out really well. its fine. The bottom right is a medium to dark simmer tone that it really golden and i can see it being beautiful in the summer when I'm already a bit browner.
  • The Blushes - There are six blushes pictured on the outsides of the bronzers in the picture above. The top two on the left are matte. They are a light pink and a deeper pink. I would still categorize this as light pink. I find these to be very feminine and they give you the slightest flushed look.  There are two shimmery pinks. One is peachy pink pictures on the left and a deep pink that remind me of the hard candy baked blushes. There is also to brown blushes. One that is a pinky brown and one that golden brown. These are high shimmer! 
  • The Cream Shadows - There are 4 cream shadows in the kit. 1 white that would make a great highlight under the brow, 2 pink shades one darker than the other and a brown shade. These are right out of theft field for me. Neither of the shades have great pigmentation so I would only use them as highlights. I would have rathered more lipsticks. 
  • The Concealers - The concealer sizes are quite small. These are the size of the eyeshadows but you have these huge bronzer shades. They could have been bigger, I think. I don't like the concealers. Unlike all the other concealers form ELF these are really runny. they are fine until you rub your finger around in them a little bit. Then they become almost clear. Not a fan!
  • The Lipsticks/Glosses - 36 lipsticks to be exact! All of which range from clear glosses to the deepest reds. All the lipsticks are your average shade that work for almost all shades of skin tone. Th right side has all of the cool tones like to bright pinks and the left has all your arm tones like your deep red and your browns. The size is small but I think is work the money to get the variety. 
  • The Shadows - 84 Shadows! That's huge! Just like the lipsticks you have the cools on the right for the most part and the warm brows and greens on the left. A lot of these are shimmer. 25 of them are matte-ish. Matte-ish? Yes, Matte-ish! they all have a few sparkles in them but when you apply them they don't really show up. I think a lot of it is from packaging. I like the selection. I have a lot of ELF stuff and I don't see to many repeaters. That's good! I spend my own money on ALL beauty products that I have so I don't want to spend money for something twice. What i love about ELF shadow is that they are all so silky smooth. You feel t as soon as you swatch it. its like rubbing loose shadows over your had. SO soft!
PHEW! that was a lot on that one! And I still have two ELF kits left! 

This is a smaller kit including 64 Eyeshadow Shades, 8 Lip Gloss Shades, 4 Blush Shades, 4 Bronzer Shades, 1 Lip Brush, 1 Eye Brush, 1 Face Brush.

There are a few similarities so I wont talk abut them again. The Bronzers are the same just smaller in size. The blushes are the same In this kit you get the light pinks the peachy pink and the light pinky brown. 

The brushes are similar as well. The face brush is flat instead of round but has the same fibers which arn't the greatest. The lipstick brush rocks, and the eyeshadow brush is a flat rounded eye shadow brush instead of an applicator brush. I love the shadow brush its just like their full size ones (which I love) but sue tiny! hats great for doing around the tear duct and under the lashes!
  • The Shadows - I like the selection. I went through this kit and compared it to the 141 piece kit and I cant find any that are exactly the same. A few are similar, but when I put them both on one finger one is always lighter or darker or more shimmery. There are a few shades that I havent seen before. I always like finding shades that I done have anything like The blues on the right side are very special. They are almost shades of sky blue. I haven't seen anything quite like them. There are some great light shades here too. The top row and the left column both have some great yellows and pale pink and browns. I really like them as highlights under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye!
  • The lip glosses -  you ca see in the pic there are 8 shades. Most of which are run of the mill There are two shades that are quite nice. I love the brown shimmer shade second from the top. The yellow below it is quite odd. It goes on quite golden and pretty but the color in the palette can be a little off putting! Try it out over a nude liner and its a great shade! The only issue I have with the glosses in these kits is that they don't have a lot of color but they are glosses not lipsticks so I can cut them some slack! 
On to number three!

This is the cutest kit. For $15.00 you get 27 pieces in a small compact kit that can easily fit in your purse. You get 9 Shadows, 1 Cream Shadow, 1 Bronzer, 1 Blush,  1 Eyeliner, 3 Brushes, 1 Brow color and  Lip Glosses. That's a great deal for $15.00

Again, I compared this product to the previous two and i found none of the shade are the same. The blushes are similar but not the exact shade. I actually like the pink blush in this kit a lot. its very fresh looking. 

The breakdown: The brushes are only OK. Totally workable if you throw this in your purse and you need a touch up. But definitely not good enough to ONLY use. the lips brush is just like the other but i find the fibers are longer so they can be flimsy. The sponge tip applicator is normal so I cant complain about that. 

The lip glosses are nice because unlike most of they other ones they have NO shimmer at all. I would consider these lipsticks compared to the other because they have more pigmentation. You can actually apply the color quite well. There is also a decent range a few pinks and a few red, a clear and a beige. 

The shadow are very natural. there are a few browns as well as green and two three highlighter/base colors. One is a cream color that I really like. On the second stair there is your blacks and silvers that you could use to make a smoky eye with. The middle color I love! Its a shimmery charcoal that it just fantastic! 

Wow that was a lot on just the three ELF products. You can pick these up one ELF's website individually for the prices list above or click to get the three of them for $95.00. I really like all three for different shades.  They would each make great gift is this holiday season. 

THis is the END of Part 1 of this Haul... TOmorrow i will talk about Benefit's Finding M Bright, Some products fro Stila and a few NYC Shadow quads.. Stay Tuned!

Monday, December 5, 2011

SPAresource Brush Review!

SPAresource is a beauty brand that I have found at Walmart. I picked a few brushes last week and used them over the last few days when putting my makeup on. 

I picked up a Crease brush, a  Blending eye brush (Called an eye Sweep brush) and a Cream shadow brush. I picked up the cream shadow brush because I have always put them on with my finger so I thought I would try it out.  

These brushes retail for 3.97 each at Walmart. I picked up these three eye brushes but they do have a large selection of face brushes that run a bit more. 

Pictured on the left is the crease brush. This brush reminds me of the ELF small crease brush. The bristles are super soft. they are securely attached to the handle which is a light brown wood. It remind me of the Eco-tools bamboo brushes.  

The sweep brush is next. I find it to be really big. I cant imagine using it to put on product because its so big that don't think you would have great control. I did however use it today to blend out all my eye products and it worked great for that! 

The crease eye shadow brush is a small flat brush that looks a lot like a bigger concealer brush. It picks up product well and is small enough to put the cream product close to the lash line. I can see myself not only using as a cream brush but as a powder eye brush and a liner brush too. This is by far the brush that has the most uses. 

For 3.97 a brush its a great deal. I will be going back to get more of this brand and try out their face brushes. They have a retractable Kabuki brush for 10.97 that Im hoping Santa will put in my Stocking!

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Natural School or Work Look!

It will be no surprise to you all that I enjoy a dramatic eye. So I decided to switch it up and show you guys a soft work inspired look using Coastal Scents Go Palette in Beijing. 

It's always great to have  few softer looks in your pocket for when you need to tone it down a bit and look effortless. In this look I will use rather inexpensive products that you can get at any Drugstore or on 

The Go Palette is available on for $8.95 and if definitely worth the bucks. You get 12 very pigmented shade in an easily carried palette. All the shade work great together and there are a lot of choices o pick from. I have the Beijing and Moscow. In this i'm using Beijing which is earthy browns and pinks. I adore the combination of pink and brown together! 

As you can see the look is very minimal and natural. I like this look because its simple and quick but polished as well. You could easily do this with a variation of many products that you already have.

I always start my makeup by moisturizing and applying a primer. The primer of the day is Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro in 002
  • First i applied my foundation all over my face. I used Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff. This is a great base for the concealer and bronzer which I applied next. I like to dab my foundation on my chin cheeks and forehead and them blend outward with a damp sponge. I like using a sponge better than a brush because i get better control than if i use a brush. Maybe i just haven't found a brush that i love yet. 
  • Once my foundation is applied i used Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light around my eyes and my nose.  I also have whats seems to be a chicken pock mark under my left eye so i cover that as well. I love Glamoflauge! I`ve said it a million times! 
  • After my Concealer a top with a light dusting of powder to set y foundation. I used Revlon ColorStay pressed powder in light. Than i applied a light dusting of NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Summer to add a bit of color.  I just left both out of the picture below by accident. 
  • When doing my eyes i applied a small dab of NYX HD eyelid Primer to my lids to create a great base. This is probably my favorite primer for my lids. You get lots of product and lots of staying power for just 7 bucks! GREAT DEAL!
  • I started my eye look by applying the light pink shade shown in the top row of the palette. This is the third from the left. I wish the palette had color names on them but they don't.  But the color is Called Pink Salmon. I put this all over my lid with a flat shadow brush and blend a little into the crease. 
  • I than use the medium brown show in the bottom third from the left in my Crease. This shade is called Antique Chocolate Burgundy. I apply this in a back and forth motion with a small crease brush. I used my 1.00 ELF Pro crease brush. 
  • Using a fluffy bare crease brush I blended out the rough edge to make it blend all the way to my brow. 
  • Now it`s time for liner! I used my Maybelline Master Drama in Midnight Master which is basically black. I always sharpen this automatic liner because I wanted a fine line. I started right at the inside tear duct and worked out applying the liner as close to the lashes as I can. I also winged it out slightly.
  • I applied two coats of  Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Black to my lashes and my eyes are done.
  • Once my eyes are done i go in with two dots of Coastal Scents Bright Eyes to brighten my under eyes. It has a great pink salmon tone that just brightens up the eyes.  
  • As for lips I lined and filled in the sides of my lips with Wet N Wild Burgundy Wine. I leave a small opening in the middle of my lips to give them some dimension. Than topped with Rimmel Stay Glossy in NON Stop Glamour. 

PHEWF! That took forever to write out! I think I may go into detail to much!! :)

I really like the look. It looks easy, Soft and Feminine. 

Here are some closer looks!

(Excuse my brows! Im growing them out for the winter to get them shaped again! )

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you like this look and try it out!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

E.L.F & Wet N' Wild Haul!

I got a bunch of new things yesterday and I decided that I would share them with you. This haul is all about ELF and Wet N Wild. 

I love ELF and I love Wet N' Wild. They are both great quality for such a low price. Heres a closer lookat what I got!

ELF 24K 15 Piece Eyeshadow Collection - 14.00

Elf had a special for 50% of their 24K line. I picked up this 15 piece collection along with the 100 piece pictured below it.  This collection comes with 15 eye shadows that vary enough that you could make multiple different looks with it. It also comes with a built in mirror and two double ended applicators.

The palette is set out in such a way that its almost like two 6 piece collections and a three piece. \The six on the far left are pinks and purples that can totally work together. The middle six are greens and blues that also work great together. Than you have your white, gray and black that you can use to heighten or darken our look.

For 14.00 bucks this is a great selection of colors all packages in a super cute clutch.

ELF 24K 100 Eyeshadow Collection - 24.00

I love the versatility of the collection. While I have a few other ELF palettes this one comes with so many bright fun colors. I'm not afraid of a bold eye at all so I love finding a collection that gives me so many Options!

I swatched a few of these for you to see! In this picture I did a pink and a green as well as the Grays pictured on the palette below my arm.

24.00 bucks for this palette is awesome. I cant see you every needing to re-purchase it because there are so many options. The quality is great and it's super cute with the gold trim!

The 24k line is an online exclusive and is only around for a limited time.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eye Kit - Sugar Plum Fairy

I have been looking for these forever and I found this one recently. This was the only one I could find. But I love the purples so I was happy about that. I used this today and I love the look. I used the Right side which seemed a bit softer with the base being a bit pinker than the start white. I was going for a soft smokey look so the dark purple worked great.

All the colors swatch really nice. it doesn't take a lot of effort to get a lot of color so they are great for blending. The lightest color which is on the right side of the liner on my arm doesn't show well in this pic but it is quite ice. It just happens to be my skin tone.

This palette is about 6 bucks in Canada and the come with 6 shades to applicators and a liner.
Worth it? Heck yeah!

Wet N Wild Trio - Im Getting Sunburned

I adore this trio and every time I went to pick it u they were all out. I finally found it and it swatched beautifully, Just like I knew it would.

All three colors work so pretty with each other that you could easily switch it u a bit and not use them for their intended use. You could use the crease shade as a line and do a pink and gold eye or put the gold all over the eye with the dark crease shade and put the pink on the lower eye lashes as a brightener.

I love this set but i also love the next set...

Wet N Wild Trio - Walking on Eggshells

This is the perfect natural, no fuss, no muss palette that you can plop in your bag and take out when you realize a cute boy is walking by and you need a pick me up. Its super easy to blend like all of WNW's eye shadows but these three colors are seamless. They are my go to no think set when I wanna wear makeup but I dont wanna spend 15 minutes blending multiples shades together. 

This is by far the most Practical no brainer set you could ever get and at about 4.00 Canadian who can complain? I definitely dont!

That's my haul for today! What pretty things did you get today?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 Everyday Items TAG

I recently saw a few people doing the 5 everyday items TAG on YouTube and I thought I would blog about my 5 everyday use items. These items are items I always use unless i'm using something else so i can review it at a later date. 

1. Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro (002) 

This is my favorite primer and I use it almost everyday. It's super smooth and isn't sticky. It minimizes lines and pores while making a great barrier between my moisturizer and my foundation. At about 7 bucks a pop this primer is just as good as any of the higher end products that you would spend 30 bucks for. 

2. Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Buff)

I always have a hard time finding a medium-Full coverage foundation that fits me perfect. This one does. I seem to be too light for normal shades and too pinkish for others. Colorstay in Buff works perfect for my skin tone. It's a full coverage foundation that blends great and is easy on the skin with SPF 15.  I have the Normal to dry sky but it also comes in an oily formula. At about 19 bucks I think its affordable and the amount  of product you get compared to amount you need to use per application makes sending the 19 bucks totally worth it. All in all, I love it!

3. IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face

I use this palette all the time. If you've never seen or used it Emilynoel83 on YouTube has a eat tutorial on how to use this product. This Palette come with  highlights, one matte and one shimmer. It also comes with 4 contour shades.  I use the two lightest shades to contour my cheek, forehead and nose everyday. I don't have the most prominent cheek bones so i like to give them a little boost. At about 38 bucks this palette is great! The instructional booklet show you how to give things a boost like your cheeks or to hide things like a double chin! 

4. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer (Sunny)

I always use Sunny on my face as a little punch of all over color. I often use it instead of blush when i'm going for a fresh minimal look. This is one of the few bronzes that doesn't make my pale skin look orange. I think it cost about 6 bucks. Totally worth it! 

5. NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
 I've talked about this a few times now when i'm doing a look post. As you have previously read I adore this eyelid primer. I have paired this against some of the best high end products and it definitely holds up! Its my go to product when doing my eyes! 

These are just a few of my GoTo everyday Products! I encourage you to tell me some of your top 5 items! 

Thanks for reading!