Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My GO TO Concealers! (High End & Drug Store)

Today's post is all about my GO TO concealers. When you find a good one i tend to stick with it, but i also try not to shy away form trying new products. I found three from High End to Drug Store that i use all the time and thought i would share them with you. 

TARTE Maracuja Creasless Concealer

This is a more High End product from Tarte. I bought it a while ago because I had heard great hings about it and hadn't actually tried it. 

I LOVE IT! I find it's a more Medium to Full coverage concealer that blends really well. IT has a slight pink/peachy color to it so if you have yellow tones in your skin you may need to top this with a more Neutral powder so you don't look too pink. I have pink undertones anyway so I find it quite nice. 

The tube goes along way. You really only need a little drop to do a large area. I can do both my eyes with one small drop of this. IT is super easy to blend. I usually dot it around than blend it in with my pointer finger. You don't need to use a brush and i find the heat from your fingers helps it even out better. 

9/10 Rating! :)

Hardy Candy Glamofauge

This is honestly the army men of concealers. The package say that you ca cover tattoos with it and while I haven't tried to do so I totally believe it. 

You can pick this product up at any Walmart for about 8 bucks. It comes with a concealer pencil and a rather large tube of product that will last you quite a while. I tried to see how far one Ittie bittie drop would cover and it almost covered my entire left side of my face. This is definitely a full coverage concealer and for the price, you cant go wrong!

9/10 Rating! :)

L'Oreal True Match 

I bought this forever go when I was in a bind and needed something quick. I was surprised! I wear it in W1-3 (warm) and I find it quite ice when I want a light-medium coverage. Personal I don't want to cover my face everyday but i don't want to look like a troll either so this is a great and affordable happy medium. 

You can pick this up at any drug store for about 6 bucks. And on a good skin day I can see this working  out really well for most people. If you need something a bit heavier I would suggest trying something with a bit more coverage. 

7/10 Rating!

Palladio Herbal Liquid Concealer

I have heard a lot of opinions on Palladio. I love their products. I have both a foundation in Vanilla and the concealer in Nude. The concealer is great for blemishes and under eyes. I apply it with my finger and work it to my trouble spots. 

The only problem I have is that it could blend  a little better but I think for the 5.99 price it is well worth it and I would totally purchase it again. 

7/10 Rating!

These are what I use on a regular basis. They work well for my skin. Try them out and comment below on what you think or what our favorite concealers are!

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