Thursday, December 1, 2011

E.L.F & Wet N' Wild Haul!

I got a bunch of new things yesterday and I decided that I would share them with you. This haul is all about ELF and Wet N Wild. 

I love ELF and I love Wet N' Wild. They are both great quality for such a low price. Heres a closer lookat what I got!

ELF 24K 15 Piece Eyeshadow Collection - 14.00

Elf had a special for 50% of their 24K line. I picked up this 15 piece collection along with the 100 piece pictured below it.  This collection comes with 15 eye shadows that vary enough that you could make multiple different looks with it. It also comes with a built in mirror and two double ended applicators.

The palette is set out in such a way that its almost like two 6 piece collections and a three piece. \The six on the far left are pinks and purples that can totally work together. The middle six are greens and blues that also work great together. Than you have your white, gray and black that you can use to heighten or darken our look.

For 14.00 bucks this is a great selection of colors all packages in a super cute clutch.

ELF 24K 100 Eyeshadow Collection - 24.00

I love the versatility of the collection. While I have a few other ELF palettes this one comes with so many bright fun colors. I'm not afraid of a bold eye at all so I love finding a collection that gives me so many Options!

I swatched a few of these for you to see! In this picture I did a pink and a green as well as the Grays pictured on the palette below my arm.

24.00 bucks for this palette is awesome. I cant see you every needing to re-purchase it because there are so many options. The quality is great and it's super cute with the gold trim!

The 24k line is an online exclusive and is only around for a limited time.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eye Kit - Sugar Plum Fairy

I have been looking for these forever and I found this one recently. This was the only one I could find. But I love the purples so I was happy about that. I used this today and I love the look. I used the Right side which seemed a bit softer with the base being a bit pinker than the start white. I was going for a soft smokey look so the dark purple worked great.

All the colors swatch really nice. it doesn't take a lot of effort to get a lot of color so they are great for blending. The lightest color which is on the right side of the liner on my arm doesn't show well in this pic but it is quite ice. It just happens to be my skin tone.

This palette is about 6 bucks in Canada and the come with 6 shades to applicators and a liner.
Worth it? Heck yeah!

Wet N Wild Trio - Im Getting Sunburned

I adore this trio and every time I went to pick it u they were all out. I finally found it and it swatched beautifully, Just like I knew it would.

All three colors work so pretty with each other that you could easily switch it u a bit and not use them for their intended use. You could use the crease shade as a line and do a pink and gold eye or put the gold all over the eye with the dark crease shade and put the pink on the lower eye lashes as a brightener.

I love this set but i also love the next set...

Wet N Wild Trio - Walking on Eggshells

This is the perfect natural, no fuss, no muss palette that you can plop in your bag and take out when you realize a cute boy is walking by and you need a pick me up. Its super easy to blend like all of WNW's eye shadows but these three colors are seamless. They are my go to no think set when I wanna wear makeup but I dont wanna spend 15 minutes blending multiples shades together. 

This is by far the most Practical no brainer set you could ever get and at about 4.00 Canadian who can complain? I definitely dont!

That's my haul for today! What pretty things did you get today?

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  1. awesome deals...where'd you get them too?? would love to have the wet 'n' wild sets!!!