Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Eyeliners!

Hey guys!

I must apologize for my lack of posts since Sunday. I have had laryngitis so I havent been feeling the best. I figured I would suck it up and get back at it.   

I decided I would talk about my favorite eyeliner. I always wear eyeliner. If I'm at home lounging and realize that i need to go out, It's the thing I grab to perk up my face in two minutes flat. Eyeliner can brighten and define your eyes at the same time. Most of the time I wear black but all the eyeliners I talk about can be bought in multiple colors.

Milani Infinite Liquid Liner 
This is my favorite liquid liner ever. Infinite come is about 6-8 colors and cost about 6 bucks. The staying power is amazing. Put it on and let it dry and it will not smudges at all. You have to wash it off to get it off. I once did a test. I decided to put my eyeliner on (Only eyeliner no makeup) in the morning and not wash it off when i went to bed. I know I know, so bad for your skin, but seeing as I didn't have any other makeup on I figured, what the hell, one night wont hurt me. When I woke up it basically looked the same. THAT'S staying power. The brush is thin and easy to apply the eyeliner. I start on my inner corner and line out all in one sweep. 

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen 
Another favorite is Revlon ColorStay Pen. I like a felt tip eyeliner pen so I knew I would enjoy this one. This liner runs about 8 bucks and come in 5 colors. Black, Brown, Gray, Navy and Black Brown. I do wish this came in more colors but the 5 that it does is a good start. The formula is great. It stays forever. Their ads say it stays for 16 Hours. I believe it. I don't think I've worn it that long but I know at night I always have to was it off because it hasn't budged. 

The problem with felt tip liners is that they can dry out rather quick. I found a post about how to hydrate your liners on BellaSugar! Check it out Here!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Trips Eyeliner
I bought the set of three for brown eyes for about 12 bucks. This set comes with black that is picture above, a purple and a brown. I love these. Automatic pencils are awesome. I like them way more than a pencil that I need to have sharpened. But I like the ability to sharpen them to a really sharpen point for when I want to do a winged eye. These solve that problem. There is a built in sharpener on the bottom of the liner that you pull out of the bottom to sharpen and replace afterwards. This allows be to have an automatic liner that I can sharpen also. I love these and I use them all the time. You can pick them up at most drugstores/Walmart's.

These also come is sets for Green, Hazel and Glue eyes. 

Maybelline Master Drama
This eyeliner is automatic but last like a liquid. I love that. The formula is really creamy and easy to apply and blend out. Once it dries it wont smudge or smear. It's also really affordable at about 8 bucks each. They also come in 6 colors. 2 gray, one light and one dark, black, blue, brown and violet. All of them have great pigmentation and deliver very dramatic liner with ease. I find these last along time, I've had mine for what seems like months and I havent run out and I use it at least a couple time's a week. I love them.

These are my go to lines when it comes to everyday use. I will also do a more colorful liner post after Christmas. 

Thanks for reading!

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