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A New HAUL!!!! Part 1

Hey Guys!

I've done a little shopping and I've got a few things in the mail That I wanted to talk to you guys about! So i'll just get right into it!  I have so much to say that this will be a two part blog post!

There are products from 4 different companies in this Haul and I will put links to where I got them!

As I have talked about on my website so many times before I adore their products. They are very very well priced and the quality is great. I think I have only have one or two products that I havent been happy with. 
(Products I don't like will be a post later this week!) 

This is basically your essentials kit. Built with 141 pieces including: 84 Eyeshadow Shades, 36 Lip Gloss Shades, 6 Blush Shades, 4 Concealer Shades, 4 Shimmer Cream Shades, 4 Bronzer Shades, 1 Face Brush, 1 Lip Brush, 1 Duo Eyeshadow Applicator 
  • The brushes - The face brush is OK, it's not the softest but believe me it's not the worst brush I've ever tried. To be honest I probably wont use it much. The eye shadow applicator is an average sponge tip applicator. You can never have to many of them. The thing i like about this one is that it's about  4 inches long so your not staining to hold onto it when using it to apply color. I love that! The lipstick brush is great too. I hate the lipstick brushes that you get sometimes that have the long hairs. I don't know how anyone can put on lipstick with a brush that long and flimsy. This lipstick brush is a lot like a mini concealer brush. I love it!
  • The Bronzers - Right in the middle of the picture you'll see four bronzer shades. Three are shimmer and one is matte. I'm not big on shimmery bronzers because i always find that they make me look too done up. like I've put too much effort in. But during the holidays I dont mind them. I can get away with wearing a bit more makeup. The light shade in the top left corer as well as the medium shade also on the top would make great highlights all year round. The bottom right shade is the matte shade that you would use all over the face to add color or to contour. It's a little dark for my skin tone but if I use it very searingly and I blend it out really well. its fine. The bottom right is a medium to dark simmer tone that it really golden and i can see it being beautiful in the summer when I'm already a bit browner.
  • The Blushes - There are six blushes pictured on the outsides of the bronzers in the picture above. The top two on the left are matte. They are a light pink and a deeper pink. I would still categorize this as light pink. I find these to be very feminine and they give you the slightest flushed look.  There are two shimmery pinks. One is peachy pink pictures on the left and a deep pink that remind me of the hard candy baked blushes. There is also to brown blushes. One that is a pinky brown and one that golden brown. These are high shimmer! 
  • The Cream Shadows - There are 4 cream shadows in the kit. 1 white that would make a great highlight under the brow, 2 pink shades one darker than the other and a brown shade. These are right out of theft field for me. Neither of the shades have great pigmentation so I would only use them as highlights. I would have rathered more lipsticks. 
  • The Concealers - The concealer sizes are quite small. These are the size of the eyeshadows but you have these huge bronzer shades. They could have been bigger, I think. I don't like the concealers. Unlike all the other concealers form ELF these are really runny. they are fine until you rub your finger around in them a little bit. Then they become almost clear. Not a fan!
  • The Lipsticks/Glosses - 36 lipsticks to be exact! All of which range from clear glosses to the deepest reds. All the lipsticks are your average shade that work for almost all shades of skin tone. Th right side has all of the cool tones like to bright pinks and the left has all your arm tones like your deep red and your browns. The size is small but I think is work the money to get the variety. 
  • The Shadows - 84 Shadows! That's huge! Just like the lipsticks you have the cools on the right for the most part and the warm brows and greens on the left. A lot of these are shimmer. 25 of them are matte-ish. Matte-ish? Yes, Matte-ish! they all have a few sparkles in them but when you apply them they don't really show up. I think a lot of it is from packaging. I like the selection. I have a lot of ELF stuff and I don't see to many repeaters. That's good! I spend my own money on ALL beauty products that I have so I don't want to spend money for something twice. What i love about ELF shadow is that they are all so silky smooth. You feel t as soon as you swatch it. its like rubbing loose shadows over your had. SO soft!
PHEW! that was a lot on that one! And I still have two ELF kits left! 

This is a smaller kit including 64 Eyeshadow Shades, 8 Lip Gloss Shades, 4 Blush Shades, 4 Bronzer Shades, 1 Lip Brush, 1 Eye Brush, 1 Face Brush.

There are a few similarities so I wont talk abut them again. The Bronzers are the same just smaller in size. The blushes are the same In this kit you get the light pinks the peachy pink and the light pinky brown. 

The brushes are similar as well. The face brush is flat instead of round but has the same fibers which arn't the greatest. The lipstick brush rocks, and the eyeshadow brush is a flat rounded eye shadow brush instead of an applicator brush. I love the shadow brush its just like their full size ones (which I love) but sue tiny! hats great for doing around the tear duct and under the lashes!
  • The Shadows - I like the selection. I went through this kit and compared it to the 141 piece kit and I cant find any that are exactly the same. A few are similar, but when I put them both on one finger one is always lighter or darker or more shimmery. There are a few shades that I havent seen before. I always like finding shades that I done have anything like The blues on the right side are very special. They are almost shades of sky blue. I haven't seen anything quite like them. There are some great light shades here too. The top row and the left column both have some great yellows and pale pink and browns. I really like them as highlights under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye!
  • The lip glosses -  you ca see in the pic there are 8 shades. Most of which are run of the mill There are two shades that are quite nice. I love the brown shimmer shade second from the top. The yellow below it is quite odd. It goes on quite golden and pretty but the color in the palette can be a little off putting! Try it out over a nude liner and its a great shade! The only issue I have with the glosses in these kits is that they don't have a lot of color but they are glosses not lipsticks so I can cut them some slack! 
On to number three!

This is the cutest kit. For $15.00 you get 27 pieces in a small compact kit that can easily fit in your purse. You get 9 Shadows, 1 Cream Shadow, 1 Bronzer, 1 Blush,  1 Eyeliner, 3 Brushes, 1 Brow color and  Lip Glosses. That's a great deal for $15.00

Again, I compared this product to the previous two and i found none of the shade are the same. The blushes are similar but not the exact shade. I actually like the pink blush in this kit a lot. its very fresh looking. 

The breakdown: The brushes are only OK. Totally workable if you throw this in your purse and you need a touch up. But definitely not good enough to ONLY use. the lips brush is just like the other but i find the fibers are longer so they can be flimsy. The sponge tip applicator is normal so I cant complain about that. 

The lip glosses are nice because unlike most of they other ones they have NO shimmer at all. I would consider these lipsticks compared to the other because they have more pigmentation. You can actually apply the color quite well. There is also a decent range a few pinks and a few red, a clear and a beige. 

The shadow are very natural. there are a few browns as well as green and two three highlighter/base colors. One is a cream color that I really like. On the second stair there is your blacks and silvers that you could use to make a smoky eye with. The middle color I love! Its a shimmery charcoal that it just fantastic! 

Wow that was a lot on just the three ELF products. You can pick these up one ELF's website individually for the prices list above or click to get the three of them for $95.00. I really like all three for different shades.  They would each make great gift is this holiday season. 

THis is the END of Part 1 of this Haul... TOmorrow i will talk about Benefit's Finding M Bright, Some products fro Stila and a few NYC Shadow quads.. Stay Tuned!

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