Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New Haul Part 2!!

Part 2 has arrived! I'm just going to get right into it. Yesterday I started Part one of this haul and I had so much to say about the products that I thought it would be best to break it up into two parts. 

This sample set from benefit is a great of trying some of their Top Sellers without having to buy the full size. I love a sample set. So i thought this was a great little gift for myself! Here's the break down:

  • Girl Meets Pearl 7.5ml - This is a liquid highlight that you can use all over your face. The full sizes runs about 30.00 and you get 12ml. This sample size is great. It's over half the full size and I didnt pay $30.00 for the full set. The color is a pinkish pearl color which i really love. When using it on my cheeks it catches the light really well and looks so feminine and effortless. Speaking of effortless, this is super easy to use. a dab or two on the cheek bones and blend it with your finger tips and your good to go. Do i like it? YES! i would definitely buy the full size Girl Meets Pearl. If you like a Glowing Dewy look than this is great for you!
  • Posie Tint 4.0 Ml - Posie Tint is a lip and cheek tint in Poppy Pink. Personally I think the color might be a little too pink for my completion. When I do wear it I wear it very sparingly. Things I like about it? It's very easy to use. You put a few swipes on your cheeks and blend up towards your temples. It doesn't dry super quick so you don't have to worry about it drying before you get the chance to blend I out. This I like.  The sample size is 4.00 ml and the full sizes is 12.5 ml and runs about $29.00 I love this on my lips so I would probably buy this again to use sparingly on my cheek and on my lips. 
I had to post a pic of how pink the Posie Tint is! 
Its SO pink! Bubblegum Pink!
  • High Beam 2.5 Ml - I love this highlighter. Benefits website calls this a Luminescent Complexion Enhancer. And the "Supermodel in a Bottle". I love it. Again. I love it. It have this great ability to catch the light at any point. It blends super easy and while PMG has a pinky golden tone this is a light pinky white tone. It's great for the holidays because it can have a soft icy feel. The full size is 15 Ml and $26, I would definitely buy the full size. 
  • Erase Paste 3.2g - I really like this concealer. However i think i would like it more if I had gotten it in my shade. In this little Sample set the erase paste had only comes in Medium. That's great if your not Casper the friendly Ghost like me. I'm a light on my best days and glow in the dark on my worst so this No. 2 Medium Sample is too dark for me. However its not too too dark so I did use it  for a while to get a good feel of the product. The coverage is really nice. It covers pretty much everything I would need to cover. It tackles under eyes and dark circles well. I will definitely buy the full size in my correct color. 
For $28.00 I love this kit. Even though the concealer didn't fit me, if I had my time back I would probably buy it again. If your interested in the bright dewy face look than this it can help you out at a great price!

i Heard about these palettes on twitter and i went out to th link and picked out two to try out. I got mine from for 13.50 but Sephora has most of them for 9.00 each! 

Living the life in Laguna

I love this little Palette! You get 4 shadows 1 blush and 1 Bronzer in a sleek case that fits pretty much everywhere!

The Shadows - The colors you get are Sand Dollar which is the light pink with a little Shimmer. Sunset (top right) is a deeper pink. I would call it a medium pink with a bit more shimmer. It's amazing!!! I love it. I think it' my favorite color of the four. Cove (bottom left) is like a pinkish purple with a hint of brown. I know it's  a weird way to describe it but I cant think of a word to describe it perfectly. Lastly Bonfire is a deep brownish pink that is very sweet and earthy. I have used it a bunch lately with my Naked Palette to make a pinky smokey eye. 

The blush is a light pink color called Seashell. Its very pretty and come off very soft. It makes me look very naturally flush. Like someone said something really nice and my cheeks are starting to color. 

The bronzer I a darker version of the blush. It almost has a peachy tone to it but you can see a resemblance of the blush as well. I like this. I want my bronzer and my blush to blend together seamlessly. 

Striking in South Beach

The Shadows in this palettes are the opposite color wise than the previous one. This one is all cool blues! Again you get 4 shadows 1 Blush and 1 Bronzer. 

The Shadows is this set are Ocean Drive, Wave, Nightlife and Cabana. Ocean drive is a very satiny blue silver with a little shimmer. It's super pretty. Wave is a periwinkle blue color. It's a happy medium between Ocean Drive and Cabana which is the navy color on the bottom left. Nightlife is thrown in there to make the possibilities even better. I love the combination of all four of these colors together. They make a beautiful dramatic eye.

The blush is super pink. I think it's the powdered cousin of the Posie Tint! But I like it. I think it's easier to be light in hand with a powder than a liquid/gel. It goes quite nice with the blues tones of the eyeshadows. 

The bronzer is a pinkish brown that needs to be applied very lightly. The good thing is that it blended really well with the blush and blends out really easily. 

I really like these two palettes. I don't have a lot of Stila stuff but I love the brand. These are great for trying out Stila without spending a lot of money. Plus they are all full size products! I am hoping the other sets will magically appear in my stocking this christmas!

I have only use done of these so far so this ins't a review. I just thought i would mention these because they are really quite and cheap. I paid 3.97 for each at Walmart. You get 4 shades in each and they are all named after metro cities in NYC. 

These would make great stocking stuffers! Stay tuned for a tutorial using these palette in the near future!

That is my haul part 1 & 2. What did you get this week?

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