Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dud Products #001

Not every product is going to work for everyone. I have found products that work great for everyone else but I just don't like at all. I've compiled a list of a few things that just didn't work for me. All of these products are Drugstore/Discount store but I plan on doing a High End post of duds as well. Lets get Started!

Almay Smart Shade Foundation and Concealer

At 28 years old I am ridiculously afraid of wrinkles. Therefore I gravitate towards anti-aging makeup that wont clog pore or make lines appear deeper. I decided to try the Almay smart Shade. The idea of a smart shade makeup was intriguing to me and I like to try new products that come out. (This one has been out for about a year, I tried it once and put it in my Don't Use Again box)

I don't believe that this "Technology" exists. I tried the light to medium shade that should have worked for me at the time. I was a bit darker because it was the summer. This is super dark for me. I mean like 5 or 6 shades too dark. 

Both the concealer and the foundation are this way for me. So I didn't use it long enough to form a more detailed opinion. After using it once or twice i noticed the consistency was nice and the coverage was good but like i said. A foundation can be lumped into such a large category as light/medium. 

All in all, not for me!

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

When I bought this I opened the volume cap and thought. "Hmm... Nice big brush consistency looks good. Might be alright" So I put it on. And I was happy. wasn't the greatest Mascara but it wasn't the worst either.  

Than I opened the length side. I was pissed. The brush is exactly the same. Your basically pulling the same brush through the tube to pull off the mascara formula. So Im paying for a tube to clean off the brush for me? I can do that myself. 

Their website says that you can create two dramatically different looks with one brush. ONE BRUSH. Is it the brush that's doing the different looks or the choice to wear less mascara? 

This is such a crap product to me. It's like false advertising. ON their website the have a picture of the product that show two different brushes. One thicker and one thinner. Not true. Crappy Product!

ELF Wrinkle Refiner

OH Elf... How I love thee! You all know that I am the biggest ELF fan. Not only are their products cheap but they are great quality too. 

Except for this one. Getting back to me deep insecurity of wrinkles... I figured id try this out before my primer. I couldn't get it out of the package for about 15 minutes. It has one of those twist per click systems and  clicked and clicked and NOTHING. Then I turned it upside down and left it for a few minutes and still nothing. When i did get the product out it spilled out like it was too thin to hold in the package. It made such a mess. 

The product it self was not too great for me. I didn't find that it refined any small lines that i had. I did however put it on my hand to check it out before to see what it did and i did find it smoothed quite nice. Refined?  Not so much. I wouldn't buy this product again. 

Hard Candy Split Personality 

This double ended pencils are a great idea. I often say I have a split personality so I chuckled at the name. I decided to try the product because they are affordable and come in a decent range of dual colors. 

When I first opened the silver side, I was surprised at the quality of the sponge tip applicator. I wasn't impressed. It is quite flimsy. I couldn't get the control that I wanted using it without having to practically hold the sponge itself. The color is nice though. 

The blue side was worse. I opened it and the sponge was unattached from the pencil. It made a big mess when I fixed it and got it attached again. 

All in all this product sucked for me. The colors themselves are really nice so I wished hey had just put them out in a regular double ended pencil. 

These are a few duds that I have come across. What are your duds?

Disclaimer: All of the statements posted here are my opinions only and arnt meant in a harmfull way.

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