Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Sunday Links

I know I already posted today but I wanted to mention a few places that I love right now! These are a few places that I will be buying from after the holidays!

I love love love this site. They have some very special things for everyone you could need to buy things for. They ship internationally and their Express shipping can be here is 4-7 days so you could still make it by Christmas.  

The prices are pretty good too. I'm looking at These for myself and they are $81.00 which is not too bad. Ive paid more for shoes and I've paid less. I love them! Shipping is reasonably priced too, it's about 12 bucks. 

I'm also looking at this T for my son! Which would look super cute on him seeing as he is 3 and this movie came out LONG before he was born. Super cute!

Zazzle has a great selection of not only clothing and shoes but cards and other great items that would make great Christmas or birthday gifts. I will be doing a lot of my shopping here from now on. 

StyleMint is own and operated by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They design Limited addition Ts and sell them for great prices. How does it work? When you go and register at the site you set your style profile and they pick shirts that work with what you've given them. I picked a large range of different styles because I have multiple personality disorder when it comes to my style. I've picked out two that I love and wanted to talk to you about them. 

The Lennox
I love a stripe. Even a horizontal stripe. Pair this with skinny jeans and a blazer and you are good to go for most occasions! The price? $29.99 like ALL of the shirts on Style Mint! I love that!

The Magnolia

I love this shirt. So cute with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Big wavy curls. Super Cute. Again it costs only $29.99 and this comes in black as well. This shirt can go from work to drinks to clubbing super easy. Pair it with some wide leg pants and go to work or wear it with some skinnies and go out with the girls and your good to go.  

Whats the problem with StyleMint? They don't ship to Canada or any where else internationally. So, when I want something from them? I ship it to my sister in Connecticut and she ships it to me. 

The last site I am mentioning is for one product only! is a site to buy health and beauty related products. 

I recently found them when looking for somewhere I can get my hands on the Rimmel Lip Butters because I cant find them anywhere is NL. Plus they ship for free in Canada. The prices are OK. But I had to mention them because of the LIP BUTTERS!!!!

These are my links for the day. Check um out!

Tomorrows Post:  My favorite Eyeliners!

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